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Looking in booking a Home Inspection Los Angeles Service?

Chances are if you clicked on our website the answer is yes. You may also be looking for a certified home inspector or environmental inspection service.  Our web site is full of information on what to expect when hiring a home service. Rest assured you will not have to continue looking for other home inspection companies. We promise to make you feel confident by making the right choice when booking a home inspection with Home Front Inspect of Los Angeles. To book a home inspection Los Angeles service all you have to do is choose a package that best fits you.

Home inspections are mostly part of the real estate purchase.  It’s something every seller needs to accept as fact, or decide not to sell. The seller’s perspective of a home inspection can be nerve wracking.  If the buyers inspector finds major issues with the home that seller did not formerly know about may not be the best news but will eventually benefit the buyer but If the seller or listing agent do not fully disclose known issues, both could potentially be liable for not disclosing known information.

So feel free to browse through our website and discover new ideas you were not aware of when choosing a service. Check out our sample report on the main page. The report shows what you can expect with the essential inspection service. You can only imagine how much more our home inspectors will be able to find when choosing the extended or ultimate package.

Check out our BLOG for interesting stories and information. We have a provided home inspections in Los Angeles for agents featured on Bravos Hit TV Show L.A’s Million Dollar Listing

These are our Home Inspection Packages:

The package you choose should depend on these key factors: Age of your property, Style, Hill Side, Location.
Remember the more issues we are able to find in home will help you get the most repairs or credits before owning your home.

Essential Inspection  

The essential home inspection service package is a general home inspection that covers fundamental areas. Electrical system including service panels, breakers and fuses. Plumbing systems including pipes, drains, water heating equipment. Cooling system including energy sources and distribution equipment. Interior features including walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, stairs and railings.

Extended Inspection

The most popular home inspection package among 1st time home buyers. Includes state of the art infrared imaging which helps our home inspectors detect issues not visible to the human eye. Infrared imaging helps us detecthot spots in electrical wiring, hidden moisture, non insulated areas and rodents. Customers save additional money when choosing the advanced home inspection over the basic package. Issues found will help the buyers agent negotiate repairs or credits before home purchase. Overall you get a full home inspection, environmental inspection, infrared imaging inspection.

Ultimate Inspection Service

The most effectivehome inspection service available today. This package includes the Extended Package and added Sewer Video Inspection which will help detect any tree root intrusion, blockages or collapsed pipes which could be costly down the road if not detected early. What better way than to discover these issues early before purchasing property. Overall you will receive:

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