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Roof maintenance is essential as we need to make sure residential, commercial to industrial buildings are in excellent condition. Inspection of the roof especially for structures that are difficult to reach have been a challenge in the past years. The job of inspecting a roof is not only difficult, but it’s also costly and risky. However, despite the complexity of the process, owners and real estate developers need to comply with the procedure necessary for the standard building regulations.

When Should I get a Drone Roof Inspection?

  1. Drone roof inspections are necessary when the roof is too complicated and risky.

The old- fashion way of inspecting a roof is hazardous due to the complicated designs, the worn-out roofs, the building structure and most of all heights. The tent shaped peak that usually needs an inspection is old, collapsing and when you want to implement safety to people conducting the job, using the drone is the modern and safe way to do it.  We have to be mindful that the safety of the inspector will be a priority too. With the help of the drone, additional risks are eliminated like additional damage to the roof during the inspection, accidents, and other concerns.

  1. To identify roof defects.

To have an idea of the damage to the roof, it would be best that an aerial view using a drone should be considered. More so, most of the drones available in the market already have unusual features that access any part of the structure. Drones can collect a lot of useful information with its high definition cameras and videos. Hence it will give an idea to the inspector what the defects are if a physical assessment needs to be done. Inspectors will also take care in that area of the roof if they need to climb on top of it.

  1. When you want the job to be done as soon as possible

In this fast-paced world, we all need things to be done more quickly. With the help of a drone, inspections can be done fast and efficiently. Using modern tools when inspecting buildings gives us the opportunity to get detailed information. Remember that a well-informed decision is a key to a successful operation. With this technology, difficult locations and spaces are made accessible to inspectors where they weren’t about to access these areas before.

Truly faster compared to the conventional method of inspecting the building. The old process requires key planning and operation which takes time and involves many workers. The data collection comes from various sources that still needs to be gathered and analyzed to carry out the report.

Using a drone, it only needs little time to complete the inspection once a request is received. The review is done right away. No need for someone to climb up and check since the drone examines the areas in detail. Once done it transmits the data collected to the team waiting on the ground who will generate the data and come up with the report.

  1. To see the roof damage before the repairs and after the completion.

You have no limit in using the drone again and again to capture the images you want to see. The images it captures give a better picture of the whole process. With the GPS built-in system, it can take photos of a specific location at the time of inspection. Meaning to say, the images can be seen again at a different period of time, but at the same angle or height. This feature is impressive and helps to see the before and after when repairs are complete.

  1. When you want to be efficient at a lesser cost.

Building inspections with the help of a drone service provider significantly reduces the cost. There’s no need for you to buy or rent high scaffolding or ladders, along with other necessary equipment to complete the inspection. Along with this, not many workers are needed which means you save additional costs with labor hire.

Time is also maximized. Since the inspection is completed in a small span of time. Since smaller people are involved, it only means that the cost of insurance for accidents or damages are reduced if there is a risk.


Indeed, these technologies have reduced, if not eliminated, a number of hazard regulations for health and safety which are really necessary when we let someone perform unsafe tasks like building examinations. Drones can be highly beneficial in many industries including home repair to help reduce overall risks to personnel while still delivering the best inspection results. So, whenever the need arises for inspections in heights, drones are one of the best options for getting the job done. Are you going to use drones for roof inspections in the future?

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