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Home Inspection in LA: Does Cheaper Mean Better? When looking to book a home inspection, Los Angeles property owners or buyers may be tempted to pick the cheapest inspection company they can find. Funds can sometimes be short, especially if you are buying or selling a home, and that is understandable—you want to pinch as many pennies as you can. Skimping on your home inspection, however, can ...Read more >>

Posted on April 3, 2017  by  admin  5 Comments

home mold inspection Home Mold Inspection Our Way Home mold inspection: Today we are going to explain how we perform a home mold inspection. Our certified mold inspectors do not only carry accredited certifications through IAC2, we also require them to complete a 2 week training course with our company. It's important to note there is no set protocol on how a home mold inspection should be performed. If you call 10 ...Read more >>

Posted on March 9, 2017  by  admin  4 Comments

Keith Thurman vs "Home Front Inspect vs Mold In So Cal" Keith Thurman vs. Danny Garcia That's right everyone, Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia boxing fight will air live on CBS Sports tomorrow at 9 p.m.  ET. Currently at our office we have been swamped all week with an abundance of phone calls related to mold inspections from past heavy rain fall. Even though we are extremely busy here at work, we are also e...Read more >>

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2625 Mar Lu Dr Los Angeles 2625 Mar Lu Dr Los Angeles Home Front Inspect On Top Of The Mountain Hello everyone! Today's property is 2625 Mar Lu Dr Los Angeles CA. I promised everyone more posts and here I am it's around 12:57 AM. Today was an extremely busy day yet I'm not sleeping just yet until first sharing today's  home inspection. The staging company did wonderful job with the theme it definitely complemented thi...Read more >>

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hilton & hyland home inspection Hilton & Hyland Home Inspection This was a Hilon & Hyland home inspection from a while back from our buddies Dustin Cummings and Monty Beisel (Former American Football line backer for the Kansas City Chiefs) Okay guys we've realized we need to start posting more recent news and updates. We love to keep our customers informed on interesting stories or changes with our company. Today we'...Read more >>

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The Most Expensive Home Inspection Home Front Inspect Has Performed To Date Address: 1220 Loma Vista Drive Beverly HIlls 1220 Loma Vista Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 inspected back in 2015. This 14.5 million dollar home inspection is the most valuable property we've performed up to date.   ...Read more >>

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L.A's Million Dollar Listing Property Featured On Bravo's Hit T.V Show Inspected By Home Front Inspect in Los Angeles This gorgeous million dollar listing on 2458 N. Beachwood Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068. The home inspection was performed by Home Front Inspect and was one of the properties that featured on the show. At this property David Parnes took the shot of tequila that ends up costing him his...Read more >>

Posted on July 3, 2015  by  admin  2 Comments
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