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What-Do-Home-Inspectors-Look-For A home inspection is not something to take lightly. It is an important part of the maintenance of your home, and it can be a vital decision-making tool for people looking to buy your home should you ever decide to sell it. Home inspections can last anywhere from several hours to a full day in length. Depending on the size of your home, the amount of damage or areas of concern that may be present, ...Read more >>

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What-are-the-Different-Types-of-Home-Inspections Home inspections can be nerve wracking for new homeowners, and the owners who are trying to sell their homes. Home inspections can make or break a sale, and that means it’s vital to have a proper home inspection performed. There are a number of other reasons why homeowners would need a home inspection as well. They are quite varied and in depth so let’s review the different kinds of home inspe...Read more >>

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Should-I-Get-a-Home-Inspection-on-an-Apartment-or-Condo When it comes to moving everything you own into a new home, whether that be a newly built house on a 4-acre lot or a 500 square foot apartment in a high rise in the city, you want to make sure that you are protecting your investment and your belongings. Home inspections come in all shapes and sizes and are done for a number of reasons including to satisfy the bank's requirements for mortgage appro...Read more >>

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Should-I-Ask-for-a-Home-Inspection-Before-Purchasing-a-Property It's hard to believe that people would skip a home inspection when they are looking to buy a new home, but people do it all the time. Many cite the cost as the number one reason they don't hire a home inspector, and then they usually find themselves having to recant their decision because of mortgage requirements or their lender's standards. While you certainly have the choice about whether or not...Read more >>

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Should-I-Get-a-Home-Inspection-Before-I-List-My-Home-For-Sale Selling your home can be both exciting and scary, especially if you have never sold a home before. While most people fret about becoming home owners for the first time, little attention is paid to the people who are actually selling their homes for the first time. It can be a daunting process and one that is made easier by having as much information as possible about your home before you list it o...Read more >>

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Should-I-Get-a-Home-Inspection-for-a-Brand-New-Home When it comes to buying a newly built home or contracting a home builder to build you a home, you should consider a home inspection to ensure the quality of the build and the integrity of the workmanship. Depending on where you live, however, this might not even be a choice. Many banking institutions require new construction homes to be inspected by a certified professional so the bank can release...Read more >>

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Bad-Breaker-Panels-Home-Inspections Electric panels take incoming electricity from your utility provider and safely distribute the current throughout your home circuits. The panels also serve as the housing for circuit breakers, which are designed to cut the power whenever the electrical wiring in your home has been overloaded with too much current. This equipment can be a critical feature in protecting your home from electrical and...Read more >>

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Asbestos Home Inspection Although most forms of asbestos have been banned for use as building materials, even today many older homes still have products that contain it. Due to this fact, asbestos testing in Los Angeles remains an important part of the home inspection process when purchasing an older property. Prior to the 1970s, asbestos was widely used in duct and pipe insulation, vermiculite attic insulation, pla...Read more >>

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Licensed-Home-Inspector-Vs-Contractor Certified home inspectors in Los Angeles are trained to identify the specific issues that matter to a homebuyer, and that can affect the value of a home years down the line. Sometimes, however, homebuyers decide to use a licensed contractor to perform the inspection. There can be several reasons for this. Often it has to do with the contractor quoting a lower price, or maybe the buyer simply has a...Read more >>

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Top home Inspection Companies Los Angeles In a real estate market as diverse as the Los Angeles area, a home inspection can be one of the most critical and also difficult aspects of buying a property. Difficult because prospective buyers are often confronted with so many choices. But finding the right company is more than just important, it is a must. The difference between making a wise investment in a safe and healthy environment, o...Read more >>

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